William Smalley established his office in 2010. An architect of rare sensibility, he shares a deep understanding for old buildings and their contexts with an excitement for new spaces. His work seeks to create memorable spaces of strong materiality.

Current work includes private residential, office, retail, event and gallery spaces in the UK and New York.

His first book, Quiet Spaces, a search for quietude through projects of the studio and places of inspiration, is published by Thames & Hudson on 12th October 2023 in the UK and 7th November 2023 in the US, and is available for pre-order online.


His interiors are restrained, uncluttered and arranged with a precise attention to detail that allows his elegant lines and luxurious materials their proper due. Though they may look austere, these are deeply comfortable rooms, designed to work for the people who live in them and to lift the mood with their quiet beauty.

House & Garden